I've always enjoyed being creative.  I'm a frustrated artist that can not draw or paint. That challenges me.  I started playing with my Mums Singer sewing machine (which weighed a ton) in the 70's. I'd remove the collars from my Dads shirts, snip them in at the waist (I had one back then) & adjust the sleeves, embroider motifs & create something that was unique to me.

Since then, I have accepted that I can't draw or paint, so take enjoyment from making items that are one offs.

In these days of the disposable society, I find it so wrong that we don't "upcycle" & reuse more often. I'm not a skin flint, I just don't see the point in putting anything into landfall unless I haven't found a use for something. There is so much more I'm sure I could do, but I'm doing my best.